Mr. Savethewall

Mr. Savethewall

Over the years, Italian street artist Mr. Savethewall has gained a position of increasing prominence in the art world, primarily thanks to the provocative irony that characterizes his colorful works.

Born Pierpaolo Perretta, he chose the nickname “Mr. Savethewall” as a statement: his street art is created in the studio, preserving public spaces.

His most iconic subjects, such as the frog-man of Kiss Me or the revisitation of Canova in Love Me or Like Me, are ironic reflections on the pervasive power of the appearances and social networks in contemporary society.

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      23 products


      Pierpaolo Perretta, widely known as Mr. Savethewall, is a celebrated Italian artist originating from Como. His journey into the world of art was not direct; initially, he embarked on a career in a non-artistic field where he achieved success as a prominent manager. However, over time, Perretta felt a compelling urge to embrace his inherent creativity and talent, leading him to a significant life change.

      Feeling constrained despite his success, Mr. Savethewall sought freedom through art. He assumed the persona of a "gentleman writer," installing his works with urban poetics and language in public spaces. This approach, which he describes as post-street art, allowed him to express his vision without the permanence of traditional graffiti, marking a new phase in his artistic expression.

      In 2013, driven by his deep-rooted passion for art, particularly street art, Mr. Savethewall made the bold decision to leave his stable and lucrative job to pursue his artistic aspirations. This transition was fueled by an uncontrollable impulse to create a passion that had been with him since childhood, when he loved to draw. Mr. Savethewall's journey from a corporate manager to a renowned artist illustrates a remarkable transformation driven by passion and a relentless pursuit of creative freedom.


      In a remarkably short period, Mr. Savethewall has established himself as an artist of high caliber, rapidly gaining prominence in the art world. His artistry merges street art languages with contemporary art trends, drawing inspiration from renowned artists like Banksy and Damien Hirst.

      Mr. Savethewall's creations offer an ironic and critical interpretation of today's society, featuring strong, direct, and pointed messages. His objective transcends mere artistic expression; he seeks to provoke personal reflection on societal contradictions among his audience. This is achieved through the use of instantly recognizable imagery and subjects, complemented by textual elements to ensure clarity and prevent misinterpretation. Mr. Savethewall is unafraid to express his thoughts, avoiding the constraints of political correctness by infusing his works with "profound lightness." This approach allows viewers to engage with his art on multiple levels, from initial amusement to deeper contemplation.

      His art embodies the concept of détournement, a practice dating back to the Dadaists, involving the transformation of existing works to convey new, often contradictory meanings. This technique is adeptly utilized by Mr. Savethewall, allowing him to infuse his works with a unique perspective. Drawing from various cultural, cinematic, and art historical references, Mr. Savethewall reinterprets these in a light vastly different from their original intent. His artworks also encompass religious and political themes, maintaining their strong, direct, and pointed messaging across various mediums.

      His art is a reflection of his life experiences, translating intense emotions and experiences into visual forms. For instance, his depiction of a girl praying on an iPad for her father's return highlights his ability to capture and share poignant moments. Mr. Savethewall's art is not just a personal outlet but resonates with a broader audience, offering a space for shared reflection and understanding. Aligned with Deodato Arte's philosophy of making art accessible to all, Mr. Savethewall has created numerous small, unique works at affordable prices, emphasizing that art should be universally accessible.


      Mr. Savethewall's journey in the realm of art began with a deep sense of fascination and a desire to innovate. His artistic path was ignited by an exhibition of Leonardo Da Vinci's works, which inspired him to recreate one of Da Vinci's studies on his bedroom wall. This initial step into mural art, encouraged by his parents, led him to delve into various artistic styles, drawing inspiration from a wide range of masters, including Caravaggio and Warhol, while infusing his distinctive touch into his creations.

      A defining moment in Mr. Savethewall's artistic evolution was his encounter with Caravaggio's work, particularly the master's use of light. This experience profoundly influenced him, prompting him to experiment with oil paints and delve into the nuances of light in his artwork, signaling a crucial turning point in his development as an artist.

      Drawing from diverse inspirations, Mr. Savethewall credits "Steal Like an Artist" by Austin Kleon as a significant influence, aligning with Kleon's philosophy of building upon the inspiration from past artists. He particularly acknowledges Banksy and Manzoni for their profound impact on his artistic direction.

      In his creations, Mr. Savethewall blends elements of street art with contemporary communication techniques, incorporating modern trends from the art world. His works often reflect the styles of artists he admires, most notably Banksy and Damien Hirst, underscoring his respect and reverence for these iconic figures. Mr. Savethewall views the act of drawing inspiration from influential artists as a natural and essential part of the creative journey, leading to the discovery of one's unique artistic path. While initially compared to Banksy, a commonality among artists using stencils, Mr. Savethewall has evolved to carve out his own identity in the art world. This evolution is evident in his signature works, ranging from frogs in elegant suits to his innovative Wallsaved pieces.


      Mr. Savethewall is particularly known for his depiction of a well-dressed, elegant contemporary man with the appearance of a frog. This creation serves as a critical commentary on the deceptive nature of appearances, drawing on the fairy tale of the Princess and the Frog. The artist emphasizes that a frog, despite its outward transformation, remains fundamentally unchanged, symbolizing the superficiality often found in societal personas.

      Further delving into deeper meanings, Mr. Savethewall's frog-man also represents real-life acquaintances, portraying individuals who flaunt their wealth and status yet reveal their true, unflattering selves beneath this facade. This concept led to the creation of his renowned work, "Kiss Me," which stands as a symbol of his critical and iconographic art style.

      Another signature piece by Mr. Savethewall is his reinterpretation of Canova's "Cupid and Psyche," infusing modernity into the classic sculpture. This artwork features the mythical characters engaged in taking a selfie, representing today's obsession with smartphones and social media. Another such poignant piece features a young girl praying to an iPad, symbolizing a plea for her father's attention, overshadowed by his work commitments. This artwork serves as a wake-up call to those engrossed in their professional lives at the expense of personal relationships.

      His inaugural work, consistent with his artistic philosophy, featured a little bird on a tree branch, free from a cage, with a speech bubble containing a musical note. This imagery represents Mr. Savethewall's dedication to freedom of expression and creativity, unbounded by constraints or conventions. His continued depiction of this bird symbolizes his enduring commitment to these values.


      In the dynamic world of contemporary art, the integration of digital technology is reshaping traditional art forms. The advent of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and phygital art, blending physical and digital elements, exemplifies this change. These innovations offer artists novel ways to express themselves and engage with audiences.

      Mr. Savethewall has embraced this trend with his Phygital Wallsaved project, a unique fusion of his Wallsaved artworks and digital screens. By acquiring Mr. Savethewall's NFTs on the platform, collectors can enjoy digital works on their Phygital Wallsaved screens. Without the NFTs, the screen shows a static image.

      These NFTs are accessible through Deodato Arte Galleries and the platform, part of the Deodato Group. distinguishes itself with features like offline usability, diverse payment options including bank transfer and credit card, secure storage with credential recovery support, and protection against technological obsolescence. The acquisition of these digital works allows for the linking of the NFT to up to five preferred digital mediums. This approach not only enriches the art experience but also responds to the growing interest in digital and interactive art forms in today's technology-driven culture.

      Mr. Savethewall's phygital creations, exclusive to the Deodato Arte Gallery, represent an innovative amalgamation of physical and digital art forms. These works symbolize a new chapter in art, where the boundaries between the real and virtual are seamlessly blended.


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