Golf Sale

Golf Sale

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Limited Edition of 750 (600 unsigned + 150 signed) - Unsigned and numbered
Screenprint on Paper
13.6 in x 19.3 in
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Banksy - Golf Sale - Screenprint - 2004

The 2003 limited edition screenprint by Banksy Golf Sale is inspired by the infamous photograph of the Chinese demonstrator in Tiananmen Square in Beijing.

In the original, the student faced alone the advance of four army tanks of the Chinese government. Banksy, artist among the most sought-after in the street art scene, transforms this icon of political struggle into a sharp and ironic satire: the man holds a sign with "golf sale" written on it and an arrow pointing to the right, as if to underline the futility of violence and war.

Golf Sale is unsigned and numbered. It belongs to a limited edition of 750 pieces (600 unsigned + 150 signed) and measures 13.6x19.3 in. The work is provided with a Pest Control authenticity certificate.

Banksy and the protest against war

The protest against war is one of the most important features of the art of Banksy. Works such as Golf Sale and Bomb Hugger are a perfect example of this and they show how the artist carefully used irony and sarcasm to highlight the nonsense of war and violence.

Through Banksy art and social protest merge perfectly in his simple but effective style that has allowed him to convey strong and politically uncomfortable messages to his audience.

Golf Sale mentions the photograph of the 1989 protests in Tiananmen Square, immediately bringing to the viewer's mind a shot that has now become an icon of the struggle for civil rights. The episode reminds a violence that had turned into a real massacre, when the tanks opened fire on the protestors in the square. With Golf Sale Banksy ironically suggests how physical violence towards an ideal is both vain and useless, like shooting golf balls on enemy territory.

Golf Sale from murales to screenprint

As it often happens with Banksy, graffiti artist, but also studio artist, the subject of this work made its first appearance on the streets of Bristol as graffiti. Only after, he created the limited edition screenprint on paper.

With Banksy street art and studio works reach their balance: from the urban intervention, on the walls of the city, the artist then realizes with the iconic stencil the silkscreen prints. His works can thus circulate among the public and reach the viewer who would otherwise be unable to admire the original.

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Probably the most famous street artist still in activity, Banksy is known for his stencil style graffiti that criticize political authority, war, consumerism and the status of art.

His style features a subtle irony: Banksy makes us smile, facing at the same time critical issues of global society. Images like the Balloon Girl or Pulp Fiction have become icons of Street Art itself, and his installations like The Walled Off Hotel and Dismaland have introduced a new way of understanding art.

Banksy also made the documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop, earning an Oscar nomination. It tells the story of the street artist Mr. Brainwash.

Banksy’s urban interventions and studio works have been exhibited worldwide, and the market interest in his artworks experienced a huge growth in the last decade.  

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