Of Dominican origin and raised in Harlem, JonOne began doing graffiti on the walls of his neighbourhood at the age of 17 under the name Jon156. In 1987, he moved to Paris, the city where he currently lives and works.

The unique style that defines JonOne’s work, between Graffiti and Abstract Expressionism, derives from the combination of three fundamental elements: calligraphy, color, and photography, which together inundate the entire surface of the work.

Inspired by the dynamism and vitality of Paris, the artist’s works emanate an extraordinary energy as a result of the continuous intersection of lines and the extreme brilliance of the colors used.

JonOne's artworks are available thanks to our partnership with Wunderkammern Gallery (Rome/Milan).

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      3 products

      JonOne Artist Biography

      JonOne (John Andrew Perello), of Dominican origin, was born in 1963 in New York and is one of the best-known street artists in France.

      The first JonOne graffiti was done at the age of 17 on the walls of his neighbors' houses in Harlem, where he grew up under the name Jon176. 

      In 1984, he created 156 All Starz, a well-known crew in New York. After a few years, he moved to Paris, where he enjoyed worldwide success with his works.

      JonOne was awarded the Legion of Honour by the French Republic, sanctioning his notoriety in France. For the occasion, his work Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité was exhibited at the Palais Borbon, seat of the French National Assembly.

      JonOne Art and Style

      JonOne's work is characterised by a unique style that mixes Graffiti and Abstract Expressionism. JonOne graffiti mixes three elements: calligraphy, bold use of color, and pictorial matter. JonOne paintings are full of vitality and dynamism, as evidenced by the curved lines and broad colour palette used by the artist.

      JonOne Air France collaboration

      On the occasion of its 80th anniversary in 2015, the airline Air France announced a collaboration with the street artist JonOne

      Thus, for a year, a Boeing 777 was given an exceptional livery. The artwork on the aircraft took up the colours of the French flag and praised one of the company's anthems: 'Air France, France is in the air!’

      Hennessy Limited Edition Bottles by JonOne

      In 2017, JonOne created a limited edition of bottles for the famous Hennessy cognac. JonOne brought his distinctive artistic signature to Hennessy Limited Edition bottles, transforming them into true works of art. 

      These JonOne Hennessy bottles have become a highly coveted collector's item for lovers of art and cognac, demonstrating once again the power of art to transform and enrich our sensory experience.

      JonOne Guarlain collaboration

      In an extraordinary collaboration in the world of luxury perfumery, renowned artist JonOne has created a unique project together with the prestigious Maison Guerlain. The artist JonOne decorated 98 bottles of three Guerlain fragrances, transforming each bottle into a unique and extraordinary work of art.

      The collaboration between JonOne and Guerlain did not stop at fragrance bottles. Guerlain set up an exhibition dedicated to the artist at their boutique located on the Champs Élysées, displaying both his artwork and the limited edition scented bottles.

      JoneOne - Untitled

      'Untitled' is a work by JonOne, perfectly capturing the distinctiveness of his distinctive style. JonOne's signature tag is repeated in different shades of purple, creating a fascinating contrast to the black background

      The bold use of the color purple further accentuates the energy and vitality that permeates his work, while the black background provides an intense and mysterious base. 

      JonOne - The Chronicles

      The Chronicles is a journey through the career of JonOne. His move to Paris in 1987 opened up new artistic opportunities, and his work on canvas quickly won over European audiences. In the 1990s, JonOne embraced studio practice and gallery exhibitions

      His vibrant work is still widely recognised today, with exhibitions all over the world. The book includes over 300 JonOne artworks and textual contributions from influential figures in contemporary art.


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